Mr.C.D. Wickramarathne
Inspector General of Police.
It gives me great pleasure, to release this message to the Inspectorate who hold membership in the prestigious Sri Lanka Police Inspectors� Association on the memorable day on which I am appointed to be the head of the Sri Lanka Police Department.
At the outset, I wish to recall that your Association was formed during the colonial era, in the year 1945 with the blessings of the former Inspector General of Police, Lieutenant Colonel R.R.M. Bacon. During that era, the Sri Lanka Police Service was known as the Ceylon Police Force.
In fact, it had meaningful objectives in mind for the formation of the Association. Firstly, it affords opportunity within the frame of Police discipline, to address issues of the Inspectorate related to their career prospects, welfare etc. in order to seek redress from the Police Department.
Also, I am mindful of the fact, that the Inspectorate is considered to be the �heart� of the Police Service and as such it plays an important role link to coordinate the varied issues which are being faced by them and the ranks below to the hierarchy of the Police Department for their information and prompt action.
As regards to safeguard the image of the Police Service, you should pursue to cultivate a healthy and strong relationship with the law abiding citizens of this country to win their utmost confidence in order to get their continuous cooperation and support.
It is fitting to add that I most sincerely wish you shower of blessings for your Association to grow from strength to strength to fulfill its vision and mission and at the same time I assure you all to extend my co-operation and support towards your endeavours in the years to come.
Last but not least, I appeal to you to be a disciplined lot and do your very best to discharge your duties sand and functions without fear or favor.
Wish you all a bright and prosperous feature.