Message from the Hony. Secretary/Police Inspectors’ Association.
Dear Colleagues, It is a great honor for me that the Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Police Inspectors Association has elected unanimously me as the Secretary of this prestige institution. This challenge makes me to take into account two different considerations: On the one hand, being able to be at the height of all the Inspectorate Officers’ expectations to create a participative and driving society of quality, peace and harmony; and on the other hand, being able to pursue the path marked predecessors who have made so much for our Institution, who as former Secretaries and Chairmen, have encouraged so much the development of the SLPIA and its members. This is an institution in which it is necessary to work in order to create a friendly environment to work with, and at the same time, to promote the development of a quality life of inspectors. But above all, we must make an effort to create bonds of friendship among all the members in our Association that are above political and economic opinions, which contaminate the island we live in. In order to create those connection bonds we have set some goals that I hope they reach each corner of the island, giving our society new wings to transform it in attractive, participative, useful, active, and full of energy to have the capacity to host all the group of members from north to south and from east to west of the Country, based in that cultural and linguistic diversity that can be found in our old continent and that enrich us. The target is that with these new wings, we could get a society without barriers, with a universal language of communication in which the words of gesture among us, and in which the friendship and respect will be the guide to the development. We need these new wings, and in order to get them I am going to work together with the rest of the members. I ask your support, collaboration and participation in our society and we will try you to feel proud of being part of it.